Some people just own money but they do not own their colour. Own your heart and own your human colour.
We do not owe people who owns a lot of money. Mostly the money they own are stolen energy of us and the energy of all living things on the Earth.
We must get humanity free of the captivity of money. Money mostly serves for greed. Greed serves for destruction of the Earth. Money captures everything and consumes their beauty.
Money should be used only for access to deserved and equal-to-every-human needs.
Money corrupts everything today. It is not for goodness of humanity. Resources should be reached equally. Medicine, curing, technology, devices and all things should be for a better shared synergical life. Money captures every good sides of everything. The world turned into a prison for humanity. Money is mostly used for domination over other people and enslaving people. Money is used for controlling others and it created an uncontrolable greed. Money is consuming energy of humanity.
Wars, famine, big disasters, unhappy humanity is because of using money in a wrong way…
Own your hearts and stop violence. Be brave!

By Margus Vezir

9th September 2023

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